Saving a few bucks by getting the cheapest hair extensions on the market will cause you disappointment; it comes with the old saying…”if you buy cheap, you buy twice”…it will cost you more in the long run and possibly cause damage to your hair if you end up purchasing some really knotty and tangle-prone extensions. Don’t be fooled by some hair extension offers that seem very cheap – there is usually a reason for that… Remember, if it sounds too good to be true considering the quality – it may not be the best hair quality, which will dry out quickly, shed, tangle or look and feel very brittle. This kind of hair may only last you a few weeks. Or even worse, it may not be 100% human hair that is being attached to your head (big disaster and it happens)…Other things to watch out for is the quantity of hair and the experience of your hair extension technician… Does the person specialise in hair extensions? Have they had much experience applying for extensions? Some hairdressers are amazing at and specialise in colour or cutting or styling, but when it comes to hair extensions, you want someone who has hair extensions as their passion and speciality.

The last thing you want is an inexperienced hair extension technician. Incorrect placement, can cause the extensions to feel painful, look terrible, slip out or matt up. If it's not applied in the correct way it will look fake, unbalanced and very obvious or even worse, cause damage. It is also important to have the removal done by an experienced hair extension technician.


We keep our prices affordable, however, we do not sacrifice on high quality. We are able to keep quality high and prices down due to our ability to import our luxury stock in large quantities at a time, with strong relationships with our supplier ensuring consistent quality. This allows us to pass the savings on to our customers. Click the button below to Book a Consultation today! Find out which hair extension method, texture and colour will provide you with the seamlessly flowing, beautiful healthy looking long hair instantly! During the consultation, you can see the hair quality first hand, learn about the application process and maintenance requirements. You will also have the opportunity to test how the extensions will feel in your hair. You will have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like to make sure you have all the information you need to make your final decision and proceed with the hair extension application appointment. See the hair and feel the quality of our human hair extensions. We have a large range of hair extension colours available. The colour assessment is carried out at the consultation to ensure the best match with your hair for an undetectable result.

We don't hold appointment slots without deposits. So please let us know when your 100 percent ready to book. We hold a time slot for 1 hour. After that, it's first to come first serve.

We charge taxes. We are a registered business. We require deposits upfront to secure time slots. Please make sure when confirming you are ready to commit to the appointment.

Please note deposit may also be dropped if in person. please, inquire for further details.

If you require a change of date or time, please note we do require a minimum of 24 hours notice as several hours have been allotted to you. Any cancellation or time change within 24 hours will be charged a $50 cancellation fee and deposits are noon refundable.

Thank you for choosing Xtreme  Extensions. All sales are final.

Travel Charges: 

  • Brampton: $20
  • Mississauga: $25
  • Toronto: $35
  • Vaughan (area) $35
  • Bolton (area): $25
  • Markham: $35
  • Oakville $40
  • Whitby: $50
  • Oshawa $50
  • Aurora $45

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